Concrete is the #2 substance most used in the world, after water, and expected to be #1 by 2027. Hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted every year just on concrete raw materials because concrete recipes are not optimized. Current methods used for concrete mixture optimization are extremely slow, expensive, labor-intensive, and insufficient. Up to 2% of global CO2 emissions are due to obsolete concrete mixture optimization methods.

AICrete is a deep tech, fast-growing startup in the San Francisco Bay Area backed by venture capitalists in Silicon Valley and world renowned professors, and is ushering in the concrete of the future in an age of data, robotics, high-speed innovation, and discovery. It focuses on combining data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and state-of-the-art machine learning with automation and robotics to optimize, discover, and develop more cost-effective, sustainable, and durable concrete mixture solutions. AICrete's vision is to make the most significant contribution to the digitalization of the construction industry.